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Friday 20th May 2016,  Club House,  Mill Road.

EGM (@7.30pm)

AGM (@ 8.00pm)

Purpose of EGM :

The purpose of the EGM will be to discuss and vote on a committee proposal to make amendments to the current structure of the committee, in advance of the AGM at 8pm.

By way of background the current committee believes that the current way the club is structured has led to a committee that has become unnecessarily bloated and inefficient. The current system whereby individuals are nominated at the AGM for the committee without being given a specific role has led to many members being on the committee without necessarily having a specific function or functions within the club. Furthermore the size of the committee, 19 for the current season, has led to a certain degree of apathy and lack of support for meetings, generally the attendance levels have been limited to 6-8 members, often the same 6-8 members. The current system of large committee meetings to discuss all matters within the club, we believe, has contributed to the levels of apathy, as many members involved in specific areas of the club may not have any interest in discussing matters not related to their area of interest. E.G. those members involved in rugby matters may not wish to become overly involved in finance, administration, house and grounds, fixtures, social planning, membership, fundraising, PR & Media etc. and the same can be said of members whose primary concern is any of the other aforementioned areas.

Furthermore, the club believes the current position of the Honorary President is too onerous and the current duties of the club president should be split going forward between the Honorary President, who would continue to perform the ceremonial duties and other duties as outlined in the attached and the newly created position of “Club Chairman”, who will be charged with the “hands on”, day to day running of the club. It is the view of the current president and committee that the wide scope of responsibilities on the club President as it is currently constituted is not feasible, overly onerous and needs to be addressed.

The current committee believes that the club would run much more efficiently with a greatly slimmed down Executive Committee of 8 people with specific, defined functions, 6 of whom would chair 6 individual supporting subcommittees. These subcommittees would run autonomously whilst being fully answerable to the Executive committee. We believe this new structure, which is being formally proposed by the outgoing committee would make the club run more efficiently and would mean that volunteers giving their time to the club would be able to spend the majority of their time devoted to the club progressing the areas they are specifically interested in and passionate about, which we believe will result in greater buy in, progress and efficiency throughout all areas of the club.

I have attached minutes of 2 recent meetings where this matter has been discussed, which will give an outline of the proposed amendments to the committee structure. These were passed by the committee unanimously by all present at the last committee meeting held on Wednesday 13th April and are being presented for consideration at the EGM on Friday 20th May at 7:30pm. Please consider the above and attached in detail before the EGM and we look forward to seeing you on the night. Please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the committee for clarification on any of the proposed changes in order that you can form an informed opinion on the proposal being considered.


Hon. Sec.


Memo 1  :              

Dundalk RFC Club Management Structure – 24/02/2016

Attendance        :               Larry Steen, John McDonnell, Derek Williams, Gary O’Hanlon, Cathal Myles

The purpose of this meeting was to look at the current management structure of Dundalk RFC and in particular the executive committee and explore ways of making the current management structure more efficient through a slimmed down executive committee supported by targeted subcommittees tending to specific areas of the club. It is proposed that the Executive Committee will be reduced to 8 members with appropriate subcommittees formed to deal with the day to day operation of specific areas of the club.

2 Key Specific Changes to 2 Senior Roles, the President’s Role and the Director of Rugby role will be as follows:

President’s Role:

It is proposed that the President’s role will be amended to becoming primarily an honorary position, with the current duties of president split between the new President’s role and a newly created club chairman role, with general role specification as follows:

  • Act as the club’s representative at internal and external functions
  • Contribute to creation of policy creation on the executive committee
  • Act as Chairman of the Committee in the absence of the Chairman
  • Provide advice and assistance to committee.
  • Act as communications liaison with various sections of the club.
  • Act as a member of a relevant subcommittee if required.
  • Contribute to general standard of the club and provide an understanding of club ethos and codes of conduct.

The other aspects of the President’s role as it is currently constituted will be delegated to the newly created role of club chairman who will have the “hands on” role in the day to day running of the club.

Club Chairman’s role:

The Club Chairman will be responsible for the overall management of the club and it’s operational activities.

Will act as the senior club officer and chair meetings

  • Will assume a neutral position at club meetings.
  • Provide direction for the club
  • Monitor and evaluate progress of agreed actions
  • Ensure succession and forward planning within the club.
  • Constitute and resource special working groups including subcommittee and ensure activities are reported to the executive committee.
  • Manage other club officers to ensure delivery of their responsibilities.
  • Communicate club structure and responsibilities to the membership.
  • Set agenda for meetings
  • Act as mediator in the event of disagreements.
  • Ensure safety statement is reviewed, monitored and implemented.

Director of Rugby:

The Director of Rugby will chair the rugby subcommittee and will be responsible for recruiting a head coach. The head coach will have the following responsibilities:

To develop and implement a coordinated coaching programme throughout all sections of the club.

  • Coordinate the implementation of the club’s agreed playing philosophy throughout all teams.
  • Oversee the implementation of the IRFU’s Long Term Player Development programme throughout the club

The Director of Rugby will oversee the above is implemented by the head coach they appoint and will also be responsible for the following:

Oversee the recruitment and retention of of players, coaches and management and developing and maintaining links with local schools and colleges.

  • Provide succession planning to ensure that qualifies coaches are appointed to all teams and that they receive the appropriate training required by attending designated coaching courses.
  • Chair the rugby subcommittee and ensure practical action in all agreed areas.
  • Report to the Executive Committee on rugby matters and make recommendations/improvement initiatives that need to be implemented.
  • Set behavioural standards and policies.
  • Liaise with club coaches, players committee and team captains on all rugby matters.

Composition of Executive Committee

The Executive Committee will be comprised of 8 individuals with relevant subcommittees with sufficient authority and resources in order to successful achieve all that is required within their areas of the club. The committee will be comprised as follows:


Club Chairman

Honorary Secretary

Honorary Treasurer

Director of Rugby

Director of Membership and Fundraising

House and Grounds Chairman

Chairman of Social, Marketing and PR

Relevant subcommittees will be formed which will report to the relevant executive committee member who is turn will report progress or otherwise within their specific areas to the Executive committee.



Memo 2 :

Committee Restructuring Meeting 21st March 2016

Further to the initial meeting and subsequent memo released to committee members on the meeting of 8th March 2016, a subsequent meeting was held on the above date.  The purpose was to further explore potential subcommittees which may work autonomously and report into and be answerable to the executive committee on a periodic basis.  As per the initial document the executive committee might be constructed as follows:

  • President
  • Club Chairman
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Director of Rugby
  • Director of Membership and Fundraising
  • House and Grounds Chairman
  • Chairman of Social, Marketing and PR

In addition to the executive committee the following subcommittee would be tasked and resourced to operate autonomously, answerable to and reporting to the executive committee.

Admin Subcommittee:

Meetings and Correspondence –  Honorary Secretary

Tickets –                                             Honorary Ticket Secretary

Player Registration –                       Club Registrar

Health and Safety –                          Safety Officer

Child Welfare –                                 Child Welfare Officer

Equality –                                           Equality Officer

Fixtures –                                           Honorary Fixtures Secretary

Rugby Subcommittee:

Recruitment –                                   Director of Rugby


First Team Captain

AN Other

Mini Coordinator

Youth Coordinator

Girls Coordinator

It may be considered that the minis, girls and youths would have their own subcommitties which would report to the rugby subcommittee..

Finance Subcommittee:

Grant Applications




House and Grounds Subcommittee:


Grounds improvements

Health and Safety

Risk and Compliance

Social, Marketing and PR Subcommittee:

Social Chairman



Social Media

Membership and Fundraising Subcommittee:



Club Funding



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